Grapple Trucks and Boom Trucks Reduce Worker’s Comp Cases

Published: 02nd October 2009
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In the late 1990's, there were hundreds of thousands of reports through workers compensation due to lifting awkwardly heavy items into trucks. As the new decade approached the reports had decreased immensely from hundreds of thousands to mere thousands. Solid waste facilities are purchasing boom trucks, grapple trucks and knuckle booms to increase profits and decrease injuries on the job. Grapple trucks usually require only one operated compared to four for manual laboured trucks. Grapple trucks are very versatile and can be used for many different projects from roadside construction clean up to trash removal.

Like any machinery it is vital to choose the right body and tools for your utility truck. Removable loaders are convenient because you can choose to use them only when necessary. These utility trucks were first used for flood cleanup, since then companies around the world have started using utility trucks for many different types of business such as road side clean up, construction, trash collection, catch basin cleanup, ditch drainage and much more. With these utility trucks being so versatile, companies are able to save more money on labour costs.

The chassis cab comes with horn, air conditioning, joystick controls, breaking, acceleration, controls for steering and controls for loading operations. With a rear steers grapple truck it is able to haul five tons per hour. A three rear steer can haul 25-30 tons a day. A rear steer allows the grapple to truck to stay on its route, a driver trails a load into a haul truck, when full the haul truck breaks away to the landfill.

When in the market for a boom truck, grapple truck, forestry trucks or a bucket truck there are many factors that need to be considered. Such as what lighting is required, what chassis to choose and of course controls and drive boom swing. There are two major drive boom swings; the rotary actuator and the slewing ring.

As with any machinery the manufacturer should supply training, manuals or videos; if not all. These are vital for training on safety and the efficiency of the project. There are many things to consider such as; preventing leak downs, hose ruptures and load holding cylinders with safety locking valves. Also the safety boom alarm, which is installed and provides a loud beeping when the boom is set to high to drive.

At I80 Equipment, they take all of stress off your shoulders. They provide quality accurate service. Each member of their team is experienced in knowing what needs are to be met, no matter what line of business you are in to use either a grapple truck, a boom truck, a forestry truck or a bucket truck. These utility truck specialists have the knowledge needed to help you choose what machinery is right for your companies needs.

I80 Equipment is a family owned and operated business which has been specializing in utility trucks for over 17 years. They offer many different leasing and financing options. As well as rentals, no matter what your needs are; you can be sure they will be met at I80 Equipment. Feel free to browse their website at

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